6 Feb 2003

Eight thousand Fiji cyclone victims threatened by starvation

8:41 am on 6 February 2003

More than 8 thousand victims of Cyclone Ami which devestated Fiji's north last month fear they could die from starvation because food rations are running out.

The Fiji Times reports that villagers in some areas of Vanua Levu also say they could not depend on food rations because it was not the kind of food they were used to.

The newspaper quotes one villager as saying that the rations given out to them last only a week and they are worried they may not have anything to eat afterwards.

The villagers are pleading with the government to urgently distribute farming equipment and seedlings so they can start planting.

They say they might not have died from the cyclone but fear they will die from hunger if the government is late in acting.

The villagers say farming is the only thing they have because it feeds them, supports them financially and is needed for social obligations.

They are asking the government for more food distribution in the meantime.