6 Feb 2003

Insurance problems for Guam Department of Education

11:18 am on 6 February 2003

The Department of Education in Guam may lose out on 5-point-5 million US dollars in federal funds to repair damaged schools because it failed to insure the buildings after a 1997 Supertyphoon.

Dan Best of the Federal Emergency Management Agency says one of the conditions attached to the grant received after Supertyphoon Paka was that local agencies would insure their buildings.

A government spokesperson says overall it was the responsibility of the previous government.

Mr Best says the education department is not the only agency that has yet to insure its buildings.

Local media report that the Department of Parks and Recreation also face the prospect of having to pay for post-typhoon repair costs .

Guam was hit by another super typhoon named Pongsona in December.