13 Feb 2003

Fiji government announces new measures to cut back public service

8:18 am on 13 February 2003

The Fiji government plans to cut up to 2 thousand public service jobs every year as part of its restructuring programme.

The Fiji Times reports that the cuts will continue until the civil service reaches what the public service commission calls a realistic and practical level.

The commission will shed the jobs through job loading and natural attrition.

A spokesman for the commission, Filimoni Kau, says the government will not fill any vacancies and will closely monitor the relevance of certain posts to see if their duties can be passed on to others.

Meanwhile, more than 200 temporary civil servants have been asked to stay home because the government cannot afford to renew their contracts.

The prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, said earlier this month that the government was spending 80 per cent of its budget on salaries and the aim was to reduce that to 70 per cent so more money could be spent on capital development and increased investment.