13 Feb 2003

Samoan MP in court on firearms charge

11:22 am on 13 February 2003

A Samoan MP and his brother have appeared in court to answer charges involving the use of a firearm.

Taliaoa Pita and his brother, Ututaaloga Charlie Ulia both pleaded not guilty to firing shots at a vehicle owned by Julius Harder of Alesia

Harder alleges that he went to Ututaaloga's house to visit Ututaaloga's son last year.

He says Ututaaloga punched him for no reason, then as he fled in his motor vehicle, the brothers gave chase in a government vehicle.

Harder alleges that when he stopped and abandoned his vehicle, the MP ande his brother fired several shaots at it.

He alleges that the brothers had been drinking alcohol that day.

The case was set down for trial on February 27th in the District Court.

The MP also faces four other charges - assault, using insulting language, attempted assault and theft.

He is to appear in court to answer those charges on July 16th