13 Feb 2003

Marshalls Nuclear Claims Tribunal makes another payment to Bikini and Enewetak Islanders

4:37 pm on 13 February 2003

The Nuclear Claims Tribunal in the Marshall Islands will tomorrow make another 1-point-3 million US dollar payment to people from Bikini and Enewetak islands.

The claims are to compensate for the effects of the US nuclear weapons tests.

The payment awards issued last week will reduce the fund to about 10 million dollars which is its lowest level since it was established in 1986.

The fund is under pressure as it has lost in value because of the drop of the US stock market while more large awards are expected to be made later this year for test victims from Rongelap and Utrik atolls.

Tomorrow's payment is this year's installment of a total award of hundreds of millions of dollars.