18 Feb 2003

Solomon Islands police say no arrest yet in Soaki killing

7:28 am on 18 February 2003

Police in Solomon Islands say investigations are continuing into last week's assassination of a former police commissioner, Sir Frederick Soaki.

They have told Solomon Islands radio that there is no truth in rumours that a suspect has been detained for the killing in Auki on Malaita.

The director of CID, Jackson Ofu, says the case involves sensitive ethnic issues but has not elaborated.

He also says the patrol boat went to Auki only to send police there.

Meanwhile, members of the former Malaita Eagle Force militia who overthrew the government in a coup in 2000, have distanced themselves from the killing.

They issued a statement in Auki expressing their support for the police probe.

Sir Frederick was killed while helping with a UN-funded scheme to demobilise special constables who were drawn from the ranks of the former militants.