19 Feb 2003

Fiji group opposes monopoly licence for Fiji TV

11:43 am on 19 February 2003

An indigenous group calling itself the Taukei Forum has called on the government not to grant Fiji TV Limited a ten -year extension of its monopoly until 2012.

The forum says Fiji TV's programming is mediocre and pathetic and an insult to residents of the country.

Radio Fiji reports that the forum has asked the government to open up television services to healthy competition which will result in better programming.

The Taukei Forum's reaction came in response to Fiji TV's application for an extension of its monopoly.

The state-owned radio quotes the assistant information minister, Saimone Kaitani, as saying the government will take up the offer by Fiji TV to provide a public service broadcast channel in return for a monopoly licence.

Mr Kaitani says the move by the government was prompted by public concerns on the lack fo local contents shown Fiji Television.

Fiji TV is majority owned by Fiji's 14 indigenous provinces through their company, Yasana Holdings.