19 Feb 2003

PNG nurses protest after colleague pack raped on way to work

5:43 pm on 19 February 2003

Port Moresby General Hospital in Papua New Guinea came to a standstill yesterday when staff walked off their jobs in protest over the rape of a colleague.

The Post Courier reports that nurses organised a stop-work meeting after learning of the pack rape of a colleague.

A petition was presented to hospital management calling for improved security for shift workers and an increase in risk allowances.

The nurses had given management 48 hours to respond to the petition.

The attack on the nurse happened on Monday when a bus carrying shift workers broke down near the Waigani shopping centre.

The 8 female nurses on board walked towards the nearby police station and were offered an escort from a group of 15 youths.

The nurses say they starting running when the youths tried to snatch their purses.

One of the nurses was then dragged into the Waigani market and raped.

A spokeswoman for the nurses, Margaret Suka, says they have bowed down too much.

Ms Suka says they have been raped, held up and robbed on their way to work for far too long.