24 Feb 2003

Seven die in weekend violence in Port Moresby

5:28 pm on 24 February 2003

Seven people were killed in attacks in Papua New Guinea's capital Port Moresby at the weekend.

Three of the deaths came during ethnic fighting which had been sparked by a shop robbery on Friday morning.

Three men from Goilala were killed after they had shot dead the shop keeper who was from the Southern Highlands.

The shop keeper had been pursuing them following the robbery.

When his relatives heard about the incident they rampaged through the Goilala's living areas and destroyed more than 20 houses.

In other weekend incidents, a taxi driver was killed on a main city road, while the body of a man was found at the bridge near the international airport.

Police also say a man from the Southern Highlands was shot dead in the outer suburb of Gerehu.