26 Feb 2003

Vanuatu opposition leader rejects vandalism allegations

5:05 pm on 26 February 2003

Vanuatu's opposition leader is strongly rejecting allegations that party members had anything to do with vandalism at the Reserve bank and the finance minister's house.

Police are investigating the smashing of a glass wall at the bank and the ripping down of a fence at Sela Molisa's house and it's believed the two incidents could be linked to people opposed to the introduction of new taxes.

Opposition leader, Willie Jimmy, says no member of any opposition party has anything to do with the vandalism.

"Throw that one out, it's an allegation not evidence and they are open to any challenge. If they wish to bring it up, in a legal system but I don't have any clue -and I do not have any connection what so ever and neither any member of my political party even the opposition group have any connection what so ever, with the vandalism act."

Mr Jimmy says the opposition is opposed to the new taxes and voted against the debit tax in parliament but that is as far as the protest goes.