27 Feb 2003

Fiji minister says evil forces have the power to disable people

10:23 am on 27 February 2003

Fiji's minister for women, Adi Asenaca Caucau has told parliament people become disabled because it is the work of evil forces.

She has also told opposition members to read their Bibles to understand where she is coming from.

The Daily Post newspaper reports that Adi Asenaca made the comment when asked what the government was doing to help an elderly woman and her three mentally and physically handicapped children whose case has been highlighted in the media.

The Post says, without answering the question, Adi Asenaca said her government was totally against the legalisation of prostitution.

She said her ministry has conducted a study with stakeholders and found that indigenous Fijians and Europeans make up seventy per cent of the clients in the sex industry.

She said prostitution exists because there are clients and they are just as guilty as the prostitutes.

She said the correct teaching of the word of God will help in discouraging prostitution.