5 Mar 2003

Solomons police dismiss media criticism of commissioner

5:24 pm on 5 March 2003

The Solomon Islands assistant police commissioner, John Homelo, has responded to criticism of his superior from local media.

New Police commissioner, William Morrell, is touring Santa Isabel, Choiseul and Western Province and has been criticised for not allowing reporters to accompany him.

But Mr Homelo says there was no room in the party for any other reporters apart from his own media assistant.

Mr Homelo says the tour is not a secret and all the media have been notified of the commissioner's movements.

He says Mr Morrell did not want the tour sensationalised.

"The boss seems not to want to give a false hope to the people that he is a saviour touring around the provinces and things will automatically change overnight. He doesn't want that sort of thing to happen."