7 Mar 2003

American Samoa Governor says no to more Daewoosa style Asian employment schemes

4:57 pm on 7 March 2003

The American Samoa Governor, Tauese Sunia, says he will not allow a repeat of the employment scheme which led to the type of problems seern at the failed Daewoosa Samoa garment factory.

The factory's South Korean owner, Kil Soo Lee, was last month found guilty of modern slavery charges over his treatment of Vietnamese and Chinese workers.

Governor Sunia says their maltreatment was not a Samoan issue and what he calls "foreign refuge-seeking Asian workers" will no longer be allowed in the territory

"I hate to sound ethnic about the whole thing but we have to create economic opportunities for our own people. So far Pacific Islanders are part of our people. I think expanding our world a little further than that, we would have to expand economically first."

American Samoa Governor, Tauese Sunia