11 Mar 2003

Solomon Islands police commissioner to follow up intimidation reports

4:56 pm on 11 March 2003

The Solomon Islands police commissioner, William Morrell, says he will follow up on reports of police officers harassing finance ministry staff.

The commissioner has just returned to Honiara from a tour of four provinces where he found the police force demoralised, under resourced and in some cases, working in appalling conditions.

Mr Morrell says prior to his arrival he knew there were problems with intimidation but not recently.

"I'm not aware of that since I've come back, if that's the case then obviously I will be meeting with the government later this week and get a briefing on that and also from my staff here and clearly the problem of the actual way government functions within the Treasury and other ministries, this sort of intimidation they face is a limiting a factor on the performance of the government and obviously presents some big problems for the Royal Solomon Islands police service."

The Solomon Islands police commissioner, William Morrell