13 Mar 2003

Fiji mayor remains opposed to extension of monopoly tv licence

5:44 pm on 13 March 2003

The mayor of Fiji's northern town of Labasa says the government will pay a heavy price at the next elections if it extends Fiji TV's monopoly licence.

Charan Jeath Singh says Fiji TV has not delivered what it promised to the people of Vanua Levu and he wants competition.

It's been reported that a compromise has been reached and a five-year extension will be granted, rather than ten years.

Mr Singh says he hopes this is not the case.

"Definitely, the people of Vanua Levu are now watching closely as to which way the government is going to take this issue because if they have already predetermined to basically agreed to issuing a five-year license or whatever I think they will probably pay a very heavy price at the next elections."

Charan Jeath Singh