19 Mar 2003

PNG's main hospital to restore services after funding deald

6:32 pm on 19 March 2003

Papua New Guinea's biggest hospital, Port Moresby General, should be able to restart most of its services tomorrow after the Finance Department committed to paying outstanding funding.

The hospital had reduced or cut services after the Department had failed to pay its February allocation of over 71 thousand US dollars.

The chairman of the hospital's board, Sir Brian Bell, says funding is often a problem at the beginning of the year, before the taxes begin to roll in, but he says bureaucratic bungling is mostly to blame.

He says it had a significant impact on what the hospital could do.

"we are short of medicines and short of money to pay for food and staff and a few other things....I think it has been a problem with the Finance Department and the money has not been flowing as it should be, but we have got arrangements to get the money to flow again so things should improve....but its this slackness in some sections of government that stop the flow going in a smooth direction"