20 Mar 2003

Solomons cabinet minister warns of dangers in foreign investment offers

11:52 am on 20 March 2003

A Solomon Islands Cabinet Minister and Chairman/CEO of Solomon Airlines, Michael Maina, has issued a warning about the negative impacts of allowing huge foreign investments in the country.

An international consortium had promised a multi million dollar investment in tourism but said the country would have to improve air services.

The Government has since announced an open skies policy, which Mr Maina says won't work and is being advocated by people who don't know what they are talking about.

He also says the new policy could destroy the national airline and he has seen these sorts of offers from overseas before.

"and I hopethat those who are promoters of these massive projects can demonstrate to the country that they can do it, but trying to arouse Government Ministers , Cabinet, to have an objective done and suddenly find that it destroys a national airline, such as Solomon Airlines, is in my view, it is going to be a very bad mistake"

Michael Maina.

Meanwhile, a source in the consortium says they've dropped the offer, because of the divisiveness and corruption within the Government.