20 Mar 2003

Vanuatu opposed to US aggression in Iraq

6:11 pm on 20 March 2003

Vanuatu's foreign minister, Serge Vohor, says Vanuatu is against the war waged by the US and its allies against Iraq.

Mr Vohor, who is also the deputy foreign minister, says the people of Vanuatu believe in peace, unity and dialogue and not war.

Speaking at celebrations to mark Francophony week, Mr Vohor also advised Vanuatu citizens to stay clear of the Middle East for the time being.

Police in Port Vila have tightened security and warned locals against taking advantage of the tension in the Middle East by breaking the law.

The chief of staff, Aru Maralau, says anyone seen in the wrong place at the wrong time will be arrested.

He says residents of Port Vila should stay at home at night and only go out for a good reason.