27 Mar 2003

Transparency chapter set up in Solomon Islands

10:31 am on 27 March 2003

Transparency Solomon Islands wants to help restore the credibility of the country's deterrents against corruption.

The local chapter of the anti-corruption watch dog, Transparency International, was established yesterday in Honiara.

Chairman Tony Hughes says it will aim to isolate where corruption is happening or is likely to happen, and to help reduce its occurrence.

He says the public machinery put in place at independence, in 1978, to monitor behaviour standards and protect ethics in the public sector, seems to have lost credibility over the past ten or so years.

"And it is that credibility which Transparency Solomon islands is seeking. Its first task is to try and revive and restore that credibility, look at the machinery that is there that is supposed to protect codes of ethical behaviour by people in public office. See why it isn't working and what needs to be done to make it work."