27 Mar 2003

Stranded Chinese garment workers in Palau still waiting for repatriation

6:32 am on 27 March 2003

More than 200 Chinese workers stranded in Palau after a garment factory closed several months ago, have held a protest outside the president's office after a sale of the factory failed to produce money needed to send them home.

The group has been out of work since January when the company, Orientix Palau, shut down due to financial problems.

The Taiwanese mangers of the company left Palau after the closure, leaving no plans for repatriating the workers or paying them thousands of dollars in owed wages.

A judge had ordered the sale of the company's assets to rrecoup the worker's unpaid ages and buy them tickets home.

But because of the numerous lawsiuts against the company there were no cash bids when the auction was held and the assets were sold on credit to one of the groups that has a claim against the failed company.