1 Apr 2003

UNDP and Solomons to meet soon over Economic Recovery Planp

4:26 pm on 1 April 2003

The United Nations Development Programme is to hold briefings and workshops later this month on the Solomon Islands National Economic Recovery and Development plan.

The UNDP's Richard Ponzia says they'll be talking to provincial governments and others to get their input into what needs to be included in the government's plan.

Mr Ponzia says the UNDP will be providing technical support for the plan which will focus on economic recovery.

"If we don't have a strategic focus, a direction, in the coming years of where the country is going, we can put band aids on certain problems at this time but if the Government doesn't have a clear direction, a clear focus, who's to say how decisions in the future will affect all the good work that is being attempted at this time."

Richard Ponzia.