3 Apr 2003

Cook Islands MP says planned reforms widely supported

4:08 pm on 3 April 2003

The Cook Islands MP, Norman George, says the country is buzzing with reform after a petition was presented to parliament last week.

Mr George presented the petition on behalf of the Group for Political Change and he says it has huge support among both voters and parliamentarians.

2010 voters signed the petition representing around 25 percent of all eligible voters.

He says it has been tabled and debated in the House for two days and it will now go before a select committee for further discussion.

Mr George says the petition has added momentum to the current reform.

"A second lot of activities, amendments to our constitution next week, there will be a number of constitutional changes to reduce the number of electorates, the only thing we cannot do is reduce the term of parliament because it has to go to a referendum during the elections and the electorate will have to support it by a two-thirds majority."

A bill has already been tabled to abolish the MP superannuation scheme which was one of the five concerns expressed in the petition.