4 Apr 2003

UNDP satisfied with demobilisation of special constables

3:57 pm on 4 April 2003

The United Nations Development Programme, which is overseeing the demobilization of special constables or SCs in Solomon Islands, says they have made very encouraging progress.

Dr Ishmael Wise of the UNDP says the suspended demobilization of SCs on Malaita got underway on Wednesday with all 61 who attended an initial workshop agreeing to leave the police force.

There had been 71 SCs on Malaita where the demobilization had been suspended for two months after the killing of a former police commissioner, Sir Frederick Soaki.

Dr Wise says, nationally, they have nearly reached their target of 812 people demobilized.

"We have now demobolised 781. As you remember, the project's original concept was to demobilise 600. So we started targetting for 812 and now we stand about 781 of them. So as you can see form that figures the outcome is very positive and very positive."

Dr Ishmael Wise