23 Apr 2003

Solomon Islands rural health clinics receive supplies from Australia

10:55 am on 23 April 2003

The Solomon Islands National Medical Store says it has started to supply rural health clinics directly in order overcome on-going supply problems.

The first of three shipments of the Australian funded rural health packs arrived before Easter and its hoped it they will be distributed before the end of the month.

The Manager of the Medical Stores, William Horoto, says it will make a huge difference to the life of the people in remote areas:

"The rural people in Solomon Islands rely on good health in order to survive. Because they live on the land, they have to be healthy in order to go and work in the gardens. So if they can have all this medical stuff readily available nearby at their rural health clinics, then it will defenitely improve their lives."

Mr Horoto says its hoped the shipments will re-supply almost all the country's rural health clincs