23 Apr 2003

Niue MP says the island needs to be innovative to survive

4:34 pm on 23 April 2003

A Niue Opposition MP says the Premier Young Vivian does not seem to be taking the decline on the island seriously.

O'Love Jacobsen says the economy is noticeably depressed and more people are leaving each week.

Young Vivian says his Government is drawing up plans to submit to New Zealand on investment proposals for crops such as vanilla, and for fishing and tourism.

But Mrs Jacobsen says these are the things Niue has explored in the past and she says it has to move onto something more innovative.

"You know, something that can be brought on shore that would draw in people to work. But right now, to expect the few of us that are here to all rush out and start planting vanilla or this, that and the other thing is unrealistic."