24 Apr 2003

Fiji military denies harassing people in search for missing guns

6:21 am on 24 April 2003

Fiji's military has rejected claims that a unit within the army is terrorising selected people who are considered national security threats.

Fiji TV reports that it has been told that members of a special unit within the army have been visiting people believed to be in possession of military weapons missing since they were used in the May 2000 coup.

These people claim they have been manhandled by troops from the special unit whom they describe as the army's musclemen.

But the miltary has strongly rejected the claims, saying there is no such unit within the army.

The military spokesman, Warrant Officer Neumi Leweni, says there has been no harassment of people whatsoever.

He says the claims are being made by people bent on discrediting the military for unknown reasons.