7 May 2003

Fiji Labour party to continue boycott of parliamentary committee

4:48 pm on 7 May 2003

The Fiji Labour party says it will continue to boycott parliament's Justice, Law and Order committee while chairman, Ratu Rakuita Vakalalabure, remains its head.

Labour MP, Gaffar Ahmed, says the committee still has a quorum despite the boycott but they're taking the action because it will attract attention.

Mr Ahmed says the fact that the government is continuing to support the deputy speaker of parliament when the Law Society has disbarred Ratu Rakuita for life, will be noticed overseas.

"t he international community will definitely get the message across that here, we can see one side, the legal fraternity, the legal circle has disbarred a person, whereby the government of the day, is trying to shelve that or trying to assist this particular person."

Ratu Rakuita was banned from practising law for life after being found guilty of professional misconduct for being sworn in as attorney general by the coup's failed administration.