17 May 2003

Vanuatu Police Force suspends officer to keep investigations smooth

9:42 am on 17 May 2003

Vanuatu's Police public relations officer Major Aru Maralau says the highest ranking woman in the force is suspended after being charged with contempt of court.

Major Maralua says Delphine Vuti disobeyed a court decision and interferred in a dispute between two men over a possession, and she has consequently been summoned to face a court hearing.

He says 13 other officers also suspended with her have been stepped down temporarily while they face various charges including bribery.

Major Maralau says the officers have been suspended because they are in a position where they could obstruct investigations...

"There were a lot of. outstanding issues that.were of moral factors were eventually biting into the well being of the force itself. The new commissioner wants to clear all those allegations so that the public are confident of the police force again."

Major Aru Maralau, of the Vanuatu Police Force.