30 Jun 2003

NZ foreign minister says UN supports proposed intervention in Solomons crisis

5:10 pm on 30 June 2003

New Zealand's foreign affairs minister, Phil Goff, says the United Nations is about to give its blessing to an Australian and New Zealand intervention in Solomon Islands.

Mr Goff is in Sydney for today's meeting of Pacific Island representatives to discuss the Solomons situation.

He says it's better the intervention represents the will and thinking of the whole Pacific, rather than just Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Goff says he has had contact with the political affairs department of the UN.

"They have told us that the United Nations has very much relied on Australia and New Zealand to assist in such matters in response to a request from a sovereign government, and that the UN would support those efforts as Australia and New Zealand were regarded as being critical factors in the stability of the region"

Phil Goff.

New Zealand is set to commit up to 200 troops and 40 police officers to the intervention.