30 Jun 2003

Healthworkers at Solomons health clinics stop work over pay arrears

4:50 pm on 30 June 2003

Workers at medical clinics in the Solomon Islands capital of Honiara walked off the job today in protest over outstanding pay arrears.

Our correspondent in Solomon Islands Dorothy Wickham has the details.

"All city clinics that provide basic healthcare for Honiara residents closed today. All nurses and healthcare workers walked off their jobs in protest, claiming they were owed seven pay days. While the strike has paralysed the health system, the Deputy Mayor of Honiara City Council, Jim Sevesi, says the public has been mis-led by the unions. Mr Sevesi says the city's nurses are only owed three pay days. He said following discussions today, AusAid has agreed to take care of two pay days and the council will pay one. He says they will be holding a meeting today with the in-house committee to solve the problem and re-open the clinics."