13 Jun 2003

Britain awaiting Fiji court ruling on constitutional government

3:32 pm on 13 June 2003

The Fiji Supreme Court hearing on the multi-party cabinet case is paramount on the British government's agenda in the South Pacific.

This has been revealed by the British High Commissioner in Fiji, Charles Mochan.

Mr Mochan has told the Fiji Times the world is awaiting the Supreme Court ruling on the multi party cabinet and the British Government wants to see that the constitutional process is fulfilled.

Mr Mochan says all sectors of the British government have been active in fostering relations with Fiji but the only issue they still want to see resolved is the constitutional obligation that Fiji has to abide by.

Fiji's High Court and Court of Appeal have already ruled that the Labour Party is entitled to be part of the Government under the multi-party Cabinet provisions of the 1997 Constitution.

The Qarase government has appealed that decision and the Supreme Court, the country's highest, is due to hear the case from next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Fiji is again preparing to observe the British Queen's birthday with a public holiday on Monday even though Sitiveni Rabuka removed as head of state after his second military coup in 1987.