10 Jul 2003

Stiffer sentences planned in Fiji for drug dealing

3:03 pm on 10 July 2003

The Fiji government is planning to introduce stiffer sentencing for those growing marijuana and those dealing in it.

Police spokesperson, Mesake Koroi, says this follows a series of raids during the last two weeks which netted police close to 4,000 marijuana plants and resulted in the arrest of 35 people.

Mr Koroi says at the moment sentences only range from 12 months to five years.

"There's definitely a move for legislation to be changed around so that there's more stiffer sentences meted out to people who are caught with drugs, yes"

Mr Koroi says it's an ongoing problem in Fiji, particularly in the interior.

He says they've used community police and village chiefs who lead them to where the crops are being planted.