11 Jul 2003

Attempts to manage an introduced bird pest in Samoa

10:03 am on 11 July 2003

Samoa has launched a public awareness programme to make people aware of the harm an uncontrolled Mynah bird population is causing.

The programme includes the setting up of bird traps in areas where Mynahs congregate.

Tim Burnard from the South Pacific Environment Programme says the birds are extremely noisy during the night and have proved a nuisance by roosting in houses eaves.

Mr Burnard says they also have a detrimental impact on native birds.

"It's not so much considered that they would attack and hurt another bird as much as they just take over that whole habitat and so they are quite aggressive in competing for a space so they quite often move native species by their presence into outlying areas. It ends up that we have this noisy pest that is hanging around our house and it's scared away all the local birds."

Tim Burnard from the South Pacific Environment Programme.