2 Jun 2003

Papuan students demand that Indonesia military campaign around Wamena end after 18 killed

4:01 pm on 2 June 2003

A Papuan students organisation says it will mobilize the people of the province's Central Highlands unless the Indonesian military ceases operations in the region immediately.

The Students Communication Forum says more than 18 people have been killed in a military crackdown in the Wamena area following the theft of guns from an armoury two months ago.

The students say there is a need for human rights groups to be allowed into the region to give food and medical attention to civilians, many of whom have fled their villages.

They say the National Human Rights Commission should investigate the armoury raid and identify the perpetrators and their motives.

And the students suggest the Papuan Legislative Council should encourage a process of dialogue as proposed by the province's religious leaders.

They say if the military activity has not ended by tomorrow (3rd June) they will mobilize the people to take appropriate action.