20 Jun 2003

Tuvalu parliament still due to meet to choose speaker

2:17 pm on 20 June 2003

The opposition in Tuvalu says it expects parliament to meet tomorrow to end a political stalemate.

But the government says it is still expecting the arrival in Funafuti of an MP from an outer island, with a parliamentary sitting to be held next week to elect a speaker.

This comes two weeks after the opposition said the house was instructed by the governor-general to be recalled already last week for a sitting after recent by-elections.

The prime minister, Saufatu Sopoanga, lost support in the polls and the opposition leader, Amasone Kilei, says Mr Sopoanga has been delaying parliament to stay in power.

Earlier this month, Mr Kilei said the prime minister was given a month to carry out consultations over his possible support among MPs.