27 Jun 2003

Guam member of Congress wants more aid from United States

11:00 am on 27 June 2003

The Guam member for the US Congress, is calling for greater compensation for the territory when the Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands reach new agreements with the United States.

Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo says Guam should receive compensation for the money it spends on citizens from neighbouring FSM and the Marshalls.

Ms Bordallo says Guam has spent around 140-million US dollars since 1986 when the first Compact was signed.

She says the money has been spent in areas such as education, health and the judiciary and the 15-million dollars currently allocated will not cover the continuing costs.

Ms Bordallo says Guam still wants to help its neighbours but it needs more money to do so.

"We're always open to taking care of people' opening our hames and our doors. But we're just concerned because of our economy. Because of us being in this situation right now and over the years, its really, truly, impacted on us."

Madeline Bordallo says her proposal would see Guam be reimbursed for each individual case instead of being given a definitive total.