24 Jun 2003

Fiji Labour party worried about delay in verdict from Supreme court

4:24 pm on 24 June 2003

Fiji's Labour party says it's worried that the Supreme court is yet to deliver a verdict in the case about its exclusion from the government.

Under the country's 1997 constitution, the government is required to invite into cabinet any party with more than ten percent of the vote.

Dr Ganesh Chand says it had been incorrectly reported by local media that a decision would be handed down today but it's his understanding that the verdict won't be made available for at least two weeks.

"We are really worried that it is taking so long for a case which has dragged on for two years now. We do want to give the judges all the time, but I don't think that the case is as complicated as to take a few weeks.... The country is almost at a stand still, everyone is asking what's happening, when is the judgement coming out.....that is a bit of a worry for us."

A Labour party spokesperson, Dr Ganesh Chand.