4 Jun 2003

Solomon Islands government ministers to meet Australian PM in Canberra

10:33 am on 4 June 2003

The Australian government is to fly the Solomon Islands prime minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza, and members of his cabinet to Canberra this afternoon for talks with the prime minister, John Howard, and other ministers.

The Australian high commissioner in Honiara, Bob Davis, says the high-level talks follow a request from the Solomons government.

He says Sir Allen had asked Australia what additional help it can give to try and solve the country's law and order problems.

Australia is already providing a number of advisors to the police as part of a combined bid by aid donors to restore the effectiveness of the force.

Last month, Australia's foreign minister, Alexander Downer, indicated that Australia was considering giving additional aid to the police.

Mr Davis says no decisions have yet been made as to what form that help may take.

Australia is sending an Air Force jet to fly the Solomons delegation to Canberra.