26 May 2003

Solomon's Prime Minister rejects call for emergency session of parliament

11:32 am on 26 May 2003

The Solomon Islands prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, has brushed aside calls by MPs and Civil Society for parliament to be re-called for an emergency session.

Sir Allan says unless those calling for an emergency session can define what pressing matters need to be discussed, parliament will meet when the government sees it as appropriate.

The MP for West Honiara, Yukio Sato, has said there are important issues that need to be discussed in parliament and the Civil Society Network says the government should not deny representatives the opportunity to speak out about the state of the country.

Parliament is due to meet again in November, with Sir Allan citing financial concerns as one of the reasons for delaying the session.

But the Prime Minister has told the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation that he has applied to the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat for funds and parliament may be able to meet earlier.