21 May 2003

Report on Marshalls nuclear victims still to be presented by the Government

4:25 pm on 21 May 2003

An advocate of the Nuclear Claims Tribunal in the Marshall Islands says the government has a report on awards for victims of the US nuclear weapons tests which is yet to be presented.

Bill Graham says the document was prepared by a former US attorney general who assessed the awards made by the Tribunal to those suffering ill health because of the tests in the 1950's.

Mr Graham says much of the money awarded to the claimants is yet to be paid and a petition for compensation is being finalised for a hearing in the US Congress.

"The government hired former US Attorney General, and Governor of Pennsylvania, Richard Thornburg, to review the decisions and the awards made by the tribunal, with a lengthy report in which the decisions of the tribunal were analysed from a US legal perspective and international legal perspective, and this was done in order I think for the government of the Marshall Islands to have some ammunition to present at the appropiate time"

Bill Graham