15 Jul 2003

Renewed ethnic violence in Fiji

10:27 am on 15 July 2003

Fresh anti-Indian violence has been reported from Fiji's Tailevu province, home of the coup front man George Speight.

Radio Fiji says the renewed acts of terrorism against Indian farmers has been reported by the Labour Party MP for the area, Sanjeet Maharaj.

Mr Maharaj says the victims are some of the same families who fled the Waidalice area to Fiji's first ever refugee camp at Lautoka after widespread anti-Indian violence at the time of the coup when the government was held hostage in parliament.

He says the refugees were promised that if they returned to their farms, they would be safe.

But Mr Maharaj says if these attacks continue, a lot of farmers would want to move away from their farms.

He says he has sought a meeting with the minister for home affairs to resolve what has become a major problem.

Meanwhile, police say they have arrested and charged two people but are not aware of other incidents of a similar nature.