29 May 2003

Bougainville Governor claims PNG Government not committed to Peace Agreement

5:27 pm on 29 May 2003

The Governor of Bougainville is threatening to take the Papua New Guinea government to court because he says it has failed to honour its commitment to the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

The Post Courier reports Governor Momis saying budgetary constraints by the government have handicapped the Bougainville Administration's ability to deliver social and economic services.

He says instead of releasing funds entitled to Bougainville by law, the national government is applying to money to other areas.

Governor Momis says the Buka powerhouse is not operating, Buka's main ring road is in a bad state and that Bougainville Radio is off air,

He says continuous interruptions to the power supply have had a disastrous effect on the operation of schools, the hospital, the banking system, business houses, telecommunications and air transport.

Also Governor Momis says the province's public workers have not been paid for two pay periods.

Mr Momis says instability will prevail on Bougainville unless it is given adequate funding so it can achieve normalcy.