25 Jul 2003

Solomons Truth and Reconciliation Commission establishment 12 months away

10:51 am on 25 July 2003

A spokesman for the Solomon Islands Civil Society Network, Mathew Wale, says it will be a year before a Truth and Reconciliation Commission can sit.

The Government at the weekend announced it would set up the Commission, which has been promoted by church and civilian groups.

The Solomon Islands Christian Association has been seeking the views of Solomon Islands from around the country and this dialogue process should soon be complete.

He says this feedback will then be assessed, hopefully by September and legislation could be in place by December.

"Which would allow the first three months of next year to solicit resources for the process itself to kickstart, which would then mean the committee for selection sits, nominations are solicited and then appointments are made before the actual hearings commence. So we are looking at possibly halfway through next year."