28 Jul 2003

New homes for lower income earners in Samoa

9:13 am on 28 July 2003

Habitat for Humanity has just completed the building of its 15th house in Samoa.

It's Executive Director in Samoa, Marta Schuster, says the families provide 500 hours of thier own time to help build the house.

Miss Schuster says the key to the programme is that it is a hand-up not a hand-out.

"We don't want to just give them everything and then they'll just sit back and say ..ahh..this seems to be good and they don't have a feeling of ownership. But if they put in something, help with the construction, they will know that they have been working on their own house and they will know they are building their own house."

Miss Schuster says Habitat for Humanity plans to build a total of forty houses in the next five years.

The families involved are given a loan under special terms that must be repaid over six years.