7 Aug 2003

Murders in PNG's Enga province spark further calls for death penalty

10:29 am on 7 August 2003

The murder of a prominent businessman and the subsequent killing of a student in the Papua New Guinea province of Enga have led to the postponement of a show which will see the local government lose more than 25-thousand US dollars.

The popular Enga Show was called off after businesman Kevin Yange was shot as he was driving to Porgera.

When news of his death reached the provincial capital of Wabag a rampage started leading to the death of a 22-year old girl.

Enga Governor, Peter Ipatas, has called on National Government authorities to give priority to police management in the province.

Mr Ipatas is one of several leaders to call for the murderers to be hanged.

The Defence Minister, Kappa Yarka, supports him and has been quoted in the National saying if needed the army could be called in to wipe out criminal elements in the Enga and Highlands region.