7 Aug 2003

Prime Minister indicates Tuvalu Parliament may meet in September

5:07 pm on 7 August 2003

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu has indicated he is considering a special session of Parliament within weeks.

This follows a ruling by the Chief Justice that the Governor General advise Saufatu Sopoanga to convene parliament as soon as possible.

Mr Sopoanga has been trying to avoid convening Parliament until he had the numbers to regain majority support.

He has said previously that could mean a delay until November.

But the Speaker of Parliament, Faimalaga Luka, says the Prime Minister now says he is planning to call a special session.

"he is thinking now of convening a special session of parliament I think just to fulfill the Chief Justice judgment I think he is going to do that but not this month he mentioned that to me maybe next month"

Mr Luka says with all seats in Cabinet already full, Opposition members are unlikely to accept Mr Sopoanga's overture to join his Government.