9 Aug 2003

Nauru president and government ousted

7:52 am on 9 August 2003

The Government of Nauru and its President, Ludwig Scotty, have been ousted in a vote of no-confidence in the island's 18 member parliament.

Three government MPs crossed the floor, to topple Mr Scotty and replace him with former President Rene Harris.

Mr Scotty had been in office just over two months, following a protracted selection process when elections at the beginning of May returned a House split into three camps of six.

This impasse left the country with no government for more than a month.

A government official says Mr Harris has a majority of three and is expected to name his new cabinet in the next day or so.

It is the fourth Presidential change in Nauru this year, beginning with the toppling of Mr Harris in a vote of no confidence in January.