11 Aug 2003

Inquiry into allegations against former Fiji police commissioner continues

10:15 am on 11 August 2003

Fiji's new police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says the file on the alleged involvement of his predecessor, Col Isikia Savua, in the May 2000 coup is still open.

The Daily Post quotes Mr Hughes as saying the file is in the very capable hands of assistant commissioner, Moses Driver, and the investigation is progressing the way it should be.

Mr Hughes says once the investigation is finalised the director of public prosecutions will review the information and determine the appropriate course of action.

He says it is important to ensure that there is transparency in what the police are doing because they do not want allegations that there has been a cover-up.

Allegations of a cover-up were made after Col Savua was cleared of any involvement in the coup by a secret inquiry conducted by the former chief justice, Sir Timoci Tuivaga.

Col Savua was appointed Fiji's ambassador to the United Nations in January this year.