12 Aug 2003

PNG's Milne Bay province moves to ban all plastic

11:28 am on 12 August 2003

Moves are underway to ban the use of plastic bags and polystyrene containers in Papua New Guinea's Milne Bay Province.

At a provincial Executive Council meeting last Friday, the Milne Bay governor Timothy Neville announced a bill which will be known as the Provincial Environment Act.

Under the bill, retail outlets throughout Milne Bay will be given four months to phase out plastic bags and replace them with an alternative and provide an alternative to the polystyrene currently used in the distribution of take-away food.

Mr Neville says that plastic bags have become an environmental problem in many parts of the world and have adverse effects on marine life.

He also says there are cheaper alternatives to polystyrene which can be recycled, and adds that both plastic bags and polystyrene are harmful to the environment when burnt or buried as a means of disposal.

The bill must go before the next provincial assembly session for approval.