14 Aug 2003

American Samoan government pays compensation to settle lawsuit over teenagers death

9:44 am on 14 August 2003

The American Samoa governor, Togiola Tulafona, has approved legislation seeking 100-thousand US dollars to pay for an out of court settlement in the wrongful death of a teenage boy in 1998.

The settlement was the result of a wrongful death lawsuit filed in 2000 against the American Samoa Government by So'i Save, the mother of the 16-year old who was killed when a police vehicle ran over him.

Togiola says the settlement was beneficial to the government and allowed it to avoid exposure for a higher amount, had the case gone to trial.

The orginial lawsuit reportedly sought around 500-thousand dollars.

The attorney-general's office never filed charges against the police officer despite recommendations from the police department.

The officer was later fired from the force.